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The social responsibility code of practice must be amended to prohibit licensees from offering bet to view inducements, such as making the watching of a sport conditional on having an account with a gambling operator or placing a bet with an operator

The consequence of this will be that the Football Association, any other body with the rights to show football matches, and any body with similar rights in relation to other sports, will no longer be able to sell those rights to licensed gambling operators. We hope that they will see the wisdom of not attempting to sell those rights to unlicensed operators. Other inducements.

Every business seeks to attract customers to start buying with them, to continue doing so, to buy more and to buy more often than they otherwise might. The betting operators are leaders in this field. But in the case of gambling, those who buy more will be those who lose more.

As we have said, it is one of the rules of the ASA that gambling advertisements (wherever they appear) should not undermine safe gambling and should be socially responsible.


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